About me

I was born in 1983 and currently live and work in Stathelle, Norway. I’ve been an artist full time since graduating from the academy of fine arts in Oslo in 2006.

I like logic, quality and truth, both in work and in life. In my work I’m interested in beauty. My version of beauty. And for me that comes through a variety of subjects, but always with the use of logic. I take things apart; I dissect the elements of an image and put it back together the way I see best. I view thing as a puzzle and enjoy the process of making every piece a logical part of the whole, and in the end, making the result more than the sum of its parts. I work with different imagery, such as cartoons, nature, military crafts and portraits, but always through my perception of logic. I deal with the themes of masculinity, perception and identity.

There’s no room for error in my work. There is no such thing as spontaneity. Every move is planned before I make it. To betray the plan is not an option. If the end result is exactly as I thought it would be, I have succeeded, if not, I have failed. I take pride in my work and want to deliver the best possible quality.