Making "Blam" (2010)

“Blam” is made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen and is placed in a youth club in Rønholt called Jølle. Combining relief and wallpainting, we wanted to make this playful and abstract enough so that each person could have their own take on what it depicted. The word Blam sets the tone, and gives off a burst of energy desperately needed in this room.

For a space like this, being a place where kids can go after school, it was important to create some energy and break up the ordinariness of the room. A wallpainting with a huge physical Blam was what we came up with.

It hasn’t been that long since we both were young, and we’re still connected with what inspired us both back then. Therefore it’s easy to imagine what we would have wanted in a space such as this.

The Blam part is meant to be some sort of explosion, but more like an explosion of energy and creativity given to the room, rather than something destroying.

This room is on of many doors in an ordinary looking hall, so we wanted to make the room stand out, even from the outside. So we painted the wallpainting through the door and out in the hall, making it very clear that something is different about that room.

Making public art, and especially something that benefits kids in school or elsewhere is a very giving process. And on top of that this location was close to the small town where I live and work so it was cool to give something back to the community.