Making "Changes" (2015)

“Changes” is a sculpture we were asked to do inside Lislebyhallen in Fredrikstad where we also have the work “Rise and Shine” on the outside wall. With the same ideas in mind we wanted to make something that complimented the other work, and worked on its own. We used hexagons on the outside of the building and decided to use triangles for this.

It consists of 15 triangles of descending sizes forming an elegant abstract form measuring a total of 250 x 232 x 265 cm.

With every triangle being a different size and angle this was an exercise in planning. With everything first measured on the computer it was just a matter of executing the plan, but with some challenges. With angles as shallow as 23 degrees it was hard to make such precise cuts.

With the help of a digital angle reader and some smart solutions we made it work. After every length cut at the right angle we put each triangle together. After that we treated the oak in a dark finish to make it look timeless and majestic.

Each triangle has one side mounted on the wall, with each tip hanging by a continuous single wire from the sealing. The fading sizes of the triangles form an elegant curve viewed both from the side and seen straight on.

“Changes” is located in the end wall of a set of stairs. With this in mind we wanted to make something that would be elegant and timeless, as well as being interesting from different angles depending on if you were going up or down the stairs.