Making "Here Comes the Sun" (2011)

“Here Comes the Sun” is the title of a commission work at Drammen high school made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen. It measures 830×420 cm. It consists of a wallpainting combined with an aluminum relief.

All pieces had to be sanded, stud-welded, primed, wet-sanded, painted and mounted before we could finally hang them on top of the wallpainting. This is a long process and has to be done correctly to get the precision and quality we want.

We made the aluminum parts in my studio weeks in advance of working on site. In projects such as this, not much is left to chance. Of course we are free in the first idea-faze, but after the sketch is approved we stick to it. So when actually doing it, we are more or less following our own recipe. I like it this way, and it gives the jury a better understanding of the finished product, and hopefully there are no surprises.

Working in scaffolding is time-consuming, and can be difficult. Especially when mounting big things on the wall. Here we had to remove some elements to get the pieces in place. Another thing was actually getting the different pieces up there. They were quite large and heavy, but we made a sort of harness that would make it easier to lift. It worked out well. As if the whole thing was planned.

Except for the organic fireball, every other line, both in the wall painting and the aluminum has the same center. The point of origin is located behind the fireball and all straight lines shoot out from there, and all curved lines has it as its center.

The result is in our objective opinion magnificent. It’s really great when a plan comes together. We wanted something warm that was a burst of energy and this certainly met our goal.