Making "The Mission" (2013)

“The Mission” is a commission work at Sam Eyde high school made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen. It measures 293×766 cm. It consists of a wallpainting combined with an aluminum and MDF relief.

This is placed in a busy area at the school with a lot of kids going back and forth. We thought the radar would be suitable to give the students some needed navigation. It’s meant to resemble a command centre, or our version of it. We wanted to make it feel like the head quarters of an operation they were in control of. It’s a blend of things we’ve seen in movies and games.

This was made simultaneously with “Descending Blues” at the same school. We were able to choose the areas we felt could work the best, and we chose the stairway with blue colors and then we chose this wall, where we felt the radar would work well.

The relief part of the work was originally made for an exhibition the year before, but remained unsold. So when the opportunity presented itself we saw a need for it. In the exhibition the relief was on its own, but this time we wanted to give it another dimension in the form of a wallpainting. The technique works very well, and hopefully the students and teachers will appreciate it.