Making "Playing With Fire" (2007)

Playing with fire is the title of a commission work I made in 2007. It is placed in the entry of a sports hall in Bøler. Daily used by the school next to it and for all kinds of sports I wanted to give the users of the hall a sense of playfulness using cartoons as a medium.

Made from my technique of cutout MDF it measures 175×580 cm. The title and the work itself is meant to capture some of the intensity and competitiveness of sports and tries to illustrate some of the passion that goes into it.

Everything is handmade by me from scratch. That way I have control every step of the way. Since this was placed in a public place I used 19mm MDF to make it able to take a punch. This made it very sturdy and pretty heavy.

It took one day to mount all the units. When the pieces correspond like this it’s very important that each piece is placed correctly according to the others. Measuring twice is always a good idea.