Making "Do You See What I See?" (2014)

”Do You See What I See?” is a temporary public art project initiated by Rom Eiendom and Kulturbyrået Mesén.

I was given the opportunity to make something that would hang for two months at the main entrance of the train station in Oslo. After a little bit of brainstorming I came up with the perfect idea. A self portrait.

So after taking about 500 pictures of myself with remote control and staring at the camera in all sorts of ways, I finally got the perfect shot. After that I started working on it using my technique of lines with different widths to make shades of light and dark. When the file was ultimately finished it was sent off to Megaprint to do the printing. It was quite a job and it amounted to more than 1000 meters of cutting lines.

The piece measures 8×25 meters and consists of 2 banners mounted on top of each other. The outer black banner is then cut into lines with variable width and exposes the background.

75 vertical lines form the self-portrait “Do You See What I See?” Thousands of choices, no coincidences. I have a plan, and I follow it. Logical, correct, comfortable. Everything else would be wrong. I see a pattern where everything is as it is supposed to be.

Do you see what I see?