Making "Supersonic Eagle" (2010)

Made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen “Supersonic Eagle” was made for Vestby high school. It features an F-15 going at supersonic speed and measures 450×340 cm. Made entirely from cutout MDF it is located in the middle of a stairway.

As is sometimes the case, we were not allowed to paint directly on the wall. We therefore made the whole thing from cutout pieces of MDF board. The wall was also painted red before we had the assignment, so we had to make something that could work in contrast. We came up with this F-15 flying in blue skies. We thought the red and blue would work well together, and at leas add to the intensity.

To add to the size of the background we made it from many smaller pieces working together. This meant that they had to be very carefully placed to make the illusion of the F-15 cutting through the skies work.

The result is hopefully something cool that will inspire the students. We wanted to give them a burst of energy when they go to wherever they’re going.