Making "Resurrection" (2007)

Made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen this was a commission work for a company called Formuesforvaltning. With a combination of cartoon relief and wallpainting, we wanted to liven up the space a little. Placed in the cafeteria section of the company it felt like a good opportunity to show the employees how art can affect you.

The theme here is energy, and the control of it. Each person has a possession of energy and it is only a matter of how to use it. The architecture of the place made especially “Resurrection” very majestic.

This is a great way art can be a part of a room. This company really values art and welcomes new expressions. It was great to work with them and we think they were very happy with the results.

In addition to “Resurrection” we made two other pieces in the same area. Just in the next room we made “Beam Demon” and in the staircase we made “The Chase”. We were given a few areas to play with, and these three seemed to be perfect.