Making "Target Control" (2012)

“Target Control” was a commissioned work I made in collaboration with Espen Henningsen. It was made for The War School in Linderud, Norway. We were approached with this wall in mind and asked to make a sketch.

We had no trouble coming up with ideas for what to make. With this large an area and being a military school, we quickly came to the conclusion that this was the perfect opportunity to make a radar. The finished work is our interpretation of modern radars, a composite from science fiction movies, games and real life. We also wanted it to serve as a sort of symbol and made it monumental and symmetrical.

The entire work is painted directly onto the wall. With this being a hallway we felt that was the best solution. Everything is carefully measured so as to get the results we want. We have developed a system that works and we’re getting quite good at it.

The landmass in the map is nowhere specific. It’s a composite of different places in Norway. We just wanted to make a dynamic map that could be anywhere. The coordinates however show the geographical position of the actual school where this work is and the date on which this new addition to the school opened. We finished the work right on schedule the day before the grand opening.